Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Your Data Center located?
  • Our Global data center are located in 13 locations including north america.east america,south america,United Kingdom,Netherlands and other for more details and speed test please visit here.

What is the delivery time for my Server?
  • Your Server will be automatically provisioned and delivered in a time frame between 3 minutes and 20 minutes for the Linux VPS/Dedicated Server and up to 10 minutes for the Windows VPS or Dedicated server.

What type of payments you accept?
  • We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Mobile Digital Transfer ,and Bank Transfers.

Do you offer the option to pay with a Monthly Payment?
  • Yes, The Monthly Payment is the default payment period on our website. But if you choose to pay for a longer period of time, we give out great discounts for our loyal customers.

Can I upgrade my Server?
  • Yes, our servers can be upgraded, but please note that they can’t be downgraded back. In order for you to upgrade your Server, just visit the upgrade page in your Server control panel on our website and select the desired upgrades.

How can I change the OS on the VPS or Dedicated Server?
  • You can reinstall the OS from the control panel of the VPS.

What is the connection speed on my Server?
  • Each server is featured with a 1Gbps connection speed.

Will I have the option to configure a firewall on my Server?
  • Sure. We suggest all our customers to configure IP tables on all servers while also keeping up to date with the latest security patches.

How many IPs do I get?
  • You will get 1 IPv4 address and a /64 IPv6 subnet free for eachserver. You can buy more IPv4 addresses if you wish.

What ports are open?
  • All the ports on our servers are open.

How can I access my Linux Server?
  • The server can be accessed via Putty where the VPS IP is inserted, default username is root and the password is sent to your email.

How can I acccess my Windows Server?
  • The Servers can be accessed via RDP where the VPS IP is inserted, default username is vps or Administrator and the password is the one sent to your email. RDP is installed by default in all Windows installations including your personal PC.

Can I pre-pay my Services?
  • Of course, feel free to add funds to your account balance via the “Add funds” button in your “Invoices” menu and the payment will automated.

Can I add more IPs to my Server?
  • More IPs can be added by generating support ticket extra charges per IP apply.

Can I expand my Server disk space?
  • Yes you can expand serve disk, RAM etc.

I have selected the wrong Operating System. What do I do?
  • Proceed to the “Reinstall” menu in the panel. A wide selection of operating systems are available.

I made the wrong order. How do I cancel it?
  • Either you can select “Cancel” in your user panel or open a support ticket requesting this.

I have a Question that I did not find an answer here. What do I do?
  • Please contact us on support ticket,telephone or live-chat to talk directly to one of our operators and they will further assist you with any question you might have.

For some reason I'm not happy with my services, What can I do about it?
  • You can express your issues regarding your service by opening a support ticket. We will resolve your issue or readout our 1 day refund policy.

Is there a trial period or free Server?
  • We does’t offer free trial and no free Server, but 24/7 support.

Are your Virtual Server part of a cloud?
  • Yes, our virtual servers are hosted on our cloud platform.