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Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Cost
1 vCPU 1GB 20GB 5TB $8.75/month Order Now
1 vCPU 2GB 20GB 5TB $9.75/month Order Now
2 vCPU 2GB 20GB 5TB $11.50/month Order Now
4 vCPU 2GB 30GB 4TB $16/month Order Now
1 vCPU 3GB 30GB 5TB $16.75/month Order Now
2 vCPU 3GB 30GB 3TB $17.75/month Order Now
4 vCPU 3GB 30GB 5TB $21.50/month Order Now
4 vCPU 4GB 30GB 5TB $24.50/month Order Now
6 vCPU 6GB 30GB 6TB $35.50/month Order Now
8 vCPU 8GB 60GB 5TB $62.50/month Order Now
12 vCPU 8GB 60GB 5TB $67.50/month Order Now
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Standard DDoS Protection

Get real-time monitoring to mitigate threats and shield your website and server from sudden attacks.

ServerSecure Advanced Security

Optimize security settings with exclusive ServerSecure protection available for fully managed Windows and Linux servers.

100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

Uptime is critical, so we guarantee your server will have power and network access, or we’ll credit you 10x the downtime.

Dedicated IP Address

Enhance security and the accessibility of your server with a dedicated IP address.

Business-grade SSD Storage

Kick up the pace of server performance with solid state drives to handle enterprise data storage.

Root Access

Take full control of your server with root-level access for complete management control of your server environment.

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DDoS Protection

Vulnerability Assessment

Premium Business Email

SSL Certificates

Windows Server with Additional Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Cloud VPS?
  • This would be the best choice for you if your projects are likely to grow in future. You can adapt your virtual server accordingly by adding resources quickly (RAM, disk space, vCores) via the Control Panel. The Cloud VPS offers high performance, and comes at a very affordable price in comparison to web hosting on a dedicated server.

What is a Cloud VPS?
  • A Cloud VPS is a virtual private server you can use to host your website, production environment or pre-production environment. It offers business-level requirements, and hardware availability guaranteed by an SLA. Unlike shared hosting, you have full control over the server’s entire configuration — so you can configure it to suit your needs.

Can I scale my resources?
  • Yes, CPU cores and RAM can be increased on demand. Storage can be scaled up but not down, as scaling down introduces data concerns.